Monday, February 26, 2007

The graveyard in White Mountain, a small village outside of Nome.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Two weeks ago I rushed back to LA for literally 24 hours for an event which my family was involved with. I took this pic of Will Farrell there, I really enjoyed his almost-afro.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I saw this guy cruising down the road and got a couple of bad pics. I just love his mix of huskies, puppies and a German Shephard!

before & after

An awesome few piles I encountered in Glenallen.

Another reason I love Alaska--I went to court to fight my ticket for going too slow on the Palmer-Wasilla highway during a snow storm last month. I got to the courthouse in Palmer at 6:00PM, and was out, case dismissed, by 6:09PM. They had only scheduled four peoples' cases that evening, and one didn't show up. Then the cop didn't show up, end of story. Dealing with courts and tickets in downtown LA is an entirely different experience!

Me on the right with my crew from last summer. I really find the Deadhorse logo unappealing. I just can't see buying a t-shirt or sticker with a dead horse with flies flying around it, but a lot of people do.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

These are just a few examples of the snacks available 24 hours a day at the Prudhoe Bay camps. And the amazing thing is, it's all FREE. You have to be really careful--the first couple of days, my coworkers and I were taking tons of food because we just couldn't get over the fact it was all free, which is quite a boon for poor-ish Wildlife Techs. After a few weeks, we got over the hoarding thing.

Monday, February 12, 2007

This is me lugging a mistnet around on the tundra. Mistnets are a highly effective way of capturing birds. Normally you plant them in the ground like a volleyball net and the birds fly right in, as they are unable to see the net. It's a good method but on the vast tundra we did a lot of roving mistnets--where two pairs of two people hold onto the end of two mistnets and walk with them, seeking out birds. It's pretty effective but of course there's a LOT of walking involved. There is a drilling pad visible in the background in this pic. We were lucky to have access to all areas on the oilfields.

My coworker Megan took this shot of our team banding birds on the tundra this summer. The mosquitos were terrible--I had forgotten my mosquito net hat that day and so I had to wear mosquito net pants on my head. First time I ever wore pants on my head but it was a desperate situation!