Thursday, September 16, 2010

This trip to Tetlin we stayed at the Dept. of Fish and Game refuge headquarters in Tok. They have nice cabins behind the offices, which were perfect for us as we wanted to be centrally located, as opposed to being deep in the refuge.

On Saturday, two hunters came by looking for help. They said they'd been out hunting and saw an eagle sitting by the side of the road near a ditch. At first they thought it was eating, as the wings were completely spread out, as if it were guarding a mouse. But something seemed off, so they approached it, and it was unable to fly away. They noticed some blood on one leg and surmised that it was either shot or hit by a car.
Luckily there is a bird rescue based in Tok, so they were able to pass it off to someone who could help without too much fanfare. I asked to see the eagle, and they took me to their car. There it was, nestled comfortably in the back amongst the wrenches and other random back of the car stuff. It seemed very alert, although the guys said it hadn't eaten any of the ground beef they'd given it. Zak pointed out that it probably wouldn't want to eat anything that didn't still have a pulse! Anyway, it was amazing to see this bird so close up! I hope it makes a full recovery. Speaking of cameraman Zak, he has a new blog post up featuring my pics, if you're interested! Click this. Oh, and some good news...Dateline NBC is doing a piece on Buddy the Hero Dog, and I was hired to produce it! Finally, Buddy's getting the attention he deserves!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I looked at Zak's blog...
I love your pix and I love his copy about you even more!

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