Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more dogs of the refuge!

One of the things I learned about filming in a village is the concept of "visiting." Hardly anyone has email and phone calls only get you so far. Instead, you go visiting. Visiting consists of dropping by someone's house and just chatting usually for about an hour. It's a whole different way of life, and of producing! It gave me lots of opportunity to hang with the local dogs of our subjects.

Second pic down is elder Roy Sam (in his cool jeans and "Grandpas Rule" t-shirt), who I did dog chores with on two occasions. Third down is a lucky pup with a piece of whitefish. Fourth is a local pup with a delicious entire moose leg! Even though I was warned on a few occasions that a dog might bite me, ALL the dogs were super sweet and loved the extra attention and affection! Oh, and a reminder to check out my cameraman Zak Melm's blog, as there are a lot of pics from the past two weeks! www.celluloidaffair.blogspot.com.


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