Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last night a moose was hit by a truck on the highway near Northway village in Tetlin. The Alaska State Troopers have a list of people who want to salvage road kill. We heard someone waited three years to get called. The woman on the top of the list this time was Marie Frank, one of our documentary subjects (she makes traditional Athabascan birch baskets). Her son and other villagers towed the moose to the village and skinned and quartered it. Then they hung it in the smokehouse where it will be smoked and cut. It had to be done the same night it was killed because the weather was so warm. So it was midnight when they towed it and we left while they were still working at 2AM. The people who butchered the moose split the meat, and with the other parts they make a huge stew for the entire village, so no part of the animal goes to waste. The guys were working really hard and were fast. It was pretty cool to watch! (top photo by Zak Melms)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!...Gee Whiz!
I never thought I'd ever get this "close" to the actual process!
(Not sure I'm happy to be here.)
Thanks for the very inside look at this...real heavy-duty reporting....

9:02 PM

Blogger laura said...

This will be their meat for the entire winter--smoked, steaks, etc. So it's a pretty good deal! No chemicals or additives! And we got some of the meat, we're going to make a stew!

9:28 PM


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