Friday, August 06, 2010

sheep mountain and hatcher pass

I've been doing a lot of location scouting lately for a feature film that was slated to shoot in Alaska this year. One of the locations they need is a lake, so that means lots of hiking! I can't complain about getting paid to hike to beautiful lakes! Some of these pics were taken near Sheep Mountain, and some up in Hatcher Pass, where we also discovered an old abandoned gold mine, which was pretty cool, too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pix are so beautiful.
Are the two locations near home?

10:32 AM

Blogger Rose said...

What a job that would be...paid to hike!

Beautiful views you have here.

5:51 AM

Blogger Laura said...

They're about 1.5-2 hours outside of Anchorage, not too bad of drive at all, and scenic as all get out, as you can see!

7:46 AM

Blogger Neal said...

I have pictures almost identical to that bottom picture. I was at a pull over on the road and had to climb a bank to on the side of the road to take my picture that looks like that.

6:04 PM


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