Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sad news

From Zoya's husband:

"I am sorry to report what most of you already know-----Zoya scratched in Rainy. She was having a good run to that point. She left Rainy and was in the Dalzell when Miller went down; it was sudden as if he had a heart attack. Zoya gave him mouth to mouth, but he seemed not to recover. She put him in the basket and turned back toward Rainy---and found him with his head up, looking at her. Zoya returned to Rainy. At this time she says that she never wants to risk having a dog die again. Time will tell. There is no doubt that racing puts a strain on our animals and that anything can happen---either in the yard, or while on the trail. Our kennel has been fortunate thus far. At this point we need to sit back and weigh the risks vs. the benefits.
At the time of this writing, Miller is acting normal; eating and drinking. He will be fine. "

Zoya is an amazing person who always puts her dogs first. She will bounce back as she always does!


Blogger Brooke said...

I'm so glad she's caring for the dogs! This is so interesting to read about.

2:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's too bad.

4:20 PM

Anonymous Mom said...

Sad news for all concerned...glad to know that Miller is feeling better.

8:57 AM


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