Monday, March 07, 2011

I got really busy when I got back from India, so haven't had time to blog. Just got finished producing the live broadcast of the Iditarod start, and luckily my coworker Zak Melms has been taking pics of what we've been up to, so here's a link to his site:

Click here

On the third entry down, click on the pic of me if you want to see more pics of Zoya, a good friend who is running this year for her third time. Zak took the pic of us with her daughter at the musher's banquet, where the mushers pick numbers to decide the running order. Zoya got #9, which she was really happy about--she wanted to pick in the top twenty and she did!

I took the pic on top at the start of the race, about two hours before she took off. She's definitely got a little bit of a 'game face' going!


Anonymous Mom said...

Nice to see you back again! I wondered if you'd worked the kick-off for the race. How exciting that Zoya is (a) racing and (b) picked a good starting number. Keep us posted.

8:53 AM


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