Friday, January 21, 2011

Goa is an entire state, so it was obvious I wasn't going to be able to see all of it, but I spent a few days in the north, a few hours in the center, and then made my way down south. Here are a few pics of north and central Goa, of Vagator, Chapora, Anjuna and Panaji.Central Goa is the home of Old Goa, and some really beautiful old churches. The coastal towns are fishing communities, and there are fishing boats filled with nets everywhere, as well as people clamming and harvesting edible kelp.There are also bustling markets filled with color and beautiful shrines and religious imagery everywhere. It's a sunny, friendly beautiful place and super easy area to travel alone.There are NO supermarkets here, you won't find a Costco anywhere! However, these tiny little mini markets are everywhere, and run by friendly families who usually ask where you're from. Most travelers here are from Europe, so they usually ask if I am. Someone asked me yesterday if I was Scottish!
Next I'm on to Hampi, and then home. Decided against Kerala, as it was really far and hard to get to, with almost a day of travel each way. Now I have an excuse to come back to India!


Anonymous Mom said...

I suspect that no one needs an excuse to go back to India ... Marsha and her family do it all the time!
Glad it's gone well. Safe return.

9:44 AM


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