Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Work has been super busy, I'm working on two interesting projects at once. One is dealing with drug and alcohol abuse in Native teens. We'll be shooting in April in Barrow, the northernmost state in the US. I'm super excited to go, as I've never been...even though I've spent time on the North Slope at Prudhoe Bay on a wildlife project, Barrow is even FURTHER north! I may indeed be able to see Russia from there! I'm also continuing with the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge project, and just finished up a second winter shoot. So far, for our winter shoots, we've incorporated wildlife (mainly small caribou herds this time of year, as well a few other animals), cross country skiers, snow machines, planes and dog sledding. Can’t wait for spring and summer when we'll be really getting more into the wildlife filming. Because work's so busy, I haven't been able to take many pics. Therefore, I'm posting some from my trip to New York in August. I spent about 36 hours in NYC before the premiere of the PBS doc, "For the Rights of All" in Washington DC. I'm fortunate that my dad and step mom have an apartment waaay downtown near Wall Street, so I got to spend the night there. I usually spend most of my time on the lower East Side on my visits to NYC (graduated from NYU), but figured I might as well explore the Wall Street area for a change! These pics were taken at the New York Stock Exchange (you can see it from my folks' window!), naively thinking I could take a tour. There was only pedestrian traffic, as well as armed guards and explosives units. But I did get to watch a bomb sniffing dog get a treat and as I was taking a pic, a truck pulled up to get inspected, so I got to watch that, too. Very cool!


Blogger julie g. said...

You'll be able to see Russia! Just like Sarah!

1:12 PM

Blogger laura said...

Yes! And the sniffer dog got a treat!!

3:42 PM

Anonymous Mom said...

Just read a fascinating article on Barrow (Smithsonian) where much weather research is being conducted. Have fun (and watch out for those pesky Russkies)

10:54 AM

Blogger Laura said...

Cool, they seem to do a lot of science stuff up there, I have many Wildlife Tech friends who have worked up there doing bird gigs (and checking out the polar bears!) I'm looking forward to all the "most northern" stuff, ie: "most northern pizza place" is one I've already heard about. Kind of like the most northern truck stop in Coldfoot. Should be interesting.

11:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you've been there we've moved to the OTHER apt. which is directly across the street from the Big Flag....where you shot most of these pix on the ground. The "closed" street.
I love the report. I know you've been busy. It sounds exciting--and important.
Cool Oscar year. No job except to look after Betty Bacall (the other day she told me to call her "Betty").
A little strange for me. I'm not in charge.
So we're going to go in the most relaxed way.
Should be fun!

3:41 PM

Blogger Laura said...

Okay, I had to google it, and as far as I can tell, Betty would be LAUREN Bacall?! Very cool! It sounds like a good way to see it, relaxed, I know I'm excited about watching it from the couch this year! :)

5:42 PM


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