Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I braved the cold to catch a quick pic of the gorgeous frosty sunrise at 10:04AM yesterday morning! Only 7 more days until the Winter Solstice, and then we start gaining light!


Blogger K said...

Yes, Laura... We are also counting the days until Winter Solstice arrives! On another note, we are looking for a good parka... any suggestions? Ever heard of a company called Wiggy's? I believe they have a Retail Store in Anchorage. Ever been there?

6:31 AM

Blogger laura said...

Nope I don't know Wiggy's but that's not saying much. I tend to stick with the less expensive brands and Wiggy's is probably top of the line. I have a Classic Alaska jacket, here is an example of their men's coat here: http://bigrays.com/proddetail.php?prod=117283
The reason I love Classic AK is because they're SO much cheaper than the other heavy duty parkas, my friend just went shopping for one and it was close to 600 bucks! Mine was about $150! And SO warm! Gotta love a big ruff!

12:16 PM

Blogger laura said...

*my friend was shopping for another brand

12:17 PM

Blogger K said...

Ooh.. I like that link... thanks. That is exactly what we're looking for and it's a great price also. We've been holding off on buying jackets because the prices we've found have been outrageously high. But this jacket looks the most promising yet. Thanks again. I'll keep ya posted.

1:52 PM

Blogger laura said...

Yeah mine was on sale but still Classic AK goes for about half of what the others go for and when doing my research it seems it's made of the same down! You could pay 250 there and 500 elsewhere! Good luck! Oh and might I add, I am continually in awe of what you are doing, and often thing, "How the heck did they figure that out?" It's so impressive and inspiring! I am now a lurker on several Dancing Rabbit blogs thanks to you (building cob houses, etc...)

1:56 PM

Blogger julie g. said...

God, I don't know how you guys stand it. I would have a massive case of SAD.

10:05 PM

Blogger laura said...

I get SAD when I come to LA and it's 91 degrees in December!! Yeah, I don't get SAD here but I know people who do and have SAD lights.

12:00 AM

Blogger Isle Dance said...

You DID it!!!

12:43 PM

Blogger Isle Dance said...

P.S. Thank God the daylight will soon be ramping up. Lordy, I need it. I know I shouldn't complain, with six hours of "good" light...it's just that lately, it doesn't "get" light enough to count.

12:48 PM

Blogger Beq said...

It's so gorgeous!

6:14 AM


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