Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Air Force One!

Here's a few more that cameraman Zak Melms took of Air Force One and Obama getting into a limo to be driven to the hangar. I'm not sure exactly how many hours Zak had to stand outside to shoot this...they did have a "holding area" inside so I think they didn't have to venture out into the cold until right before AF1 landed. I forgot to mention, after the event, everyone was locked into the hangar until AF1 was ready to take off, so that was another bit of a wait. When we did get outside, I was able to see the plane taxiing on the runway. I got out my camera to take a pic, and I heard this Secret Service man say to the woman standing next to me, "Maam, come with me." I asked Gary what happened and he said the woman took a picture of Air Force One! I had no idea that this is illegal, except in cases where you're given permission! I put my camera away, and tried not to be tempted to take a quick pic when the plane took off and was flying away. I didn't do it, and then Zak turned up with these, so it all worked out in the end, I didn't get arrested and still got an AF1 pic!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

really, really great coverage of the whole event. thank you!

7:50 AM


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