Saturday, September 16, 2006


This is a typical sight in Deadhorse, the town that exists only to support the oilfields and its workers. Wildlife surrounded by oilfield infrastructure is common. These immense rigs and machines abound. My favorite was the Radio Flyer, which looks like a building but is really on wheels! You can see one of the tires in this pic. And God help you when one of these takes to the road. They put platforms down on both sides of the road to support them, they're that massive. I know people that have had to wait for five hours behind a rig move. They can take all day to move several miles. You have to make sure you ask in the morning at the entrance to the oilfield if there's a rig move that day, or you can be very sorry. One time we forgot to ask and went to Kuparek, which is the western part of the oilfield, about an hour drive. On the way home we got stuck behind a rig move. We had to wait over an hour but luckily we had reading material in the truck. Some are known as "Dead Rigs," they're just parked alongside the road, never to be used again, and they're massive. They look very Mad Max-like. The ravens love to nest on them.


Blogger sid ganis said...

Rqdio Flyer is like the 405 on an average day....sids

7:53 AM

Blogger laura g. said...

The 405---one thing about LA that I do NOT miss!!

1:35 PM


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