Friday, May 07, 2010

Most photos by Mike Collier

Here are a few pictures of the drive from Anchorage to Valdez. Most of these were taken at Thompson Pass at 9PM. It was right between winter and spring up there. The waterfalls were half frozen, half thawed. The best part was the road was clear and dry!

Since I was driving, I turned over my camera to my cameraman. He came up with some amazing shots, in a stunningly beautiful place! My favorite is the mountain with the clouds, one light & one dark, I never woulda come up with that! I also like the top one because it looks like we're about to go down a steep rollercoaster!

Enjoying sunny skies in Anchorage, it looked like spring finally happened while I was away for two days!


Blogger Brooke said...

my fave is the one with the dark and light clouds too. stunning, all of them, really. :) Brooke

12:45 PM

Blogger Laura said...

Yeah, I agree...and unlike me that takes 10 pics of the same thing, he just aimed and shot once, and moved on...much like you with your polaroid, probably. I think it makes for a more special pic!

1:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

...of course he's good: he's a CAMERAman!

8:42 AM

Blogger Laura said...

good point!

9:11 AM


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