Friday, September 19, 2008

speaking of wasilla...

Who approved the design for the Wasilla welcome sign?  Or is it just me that does a double take every time I drive by?!


Anonymous Erica said...

I guess it's been a while since I've been to Wasilla. Certain types of art I've never been about to understand. And uuumm that would be one of them! :-)

2:17 PM

Blogger Beq said...

Oh, I think it's quite "manly"!

11:05 AM

Blogger ~~ chris said...

It looks like a tall koala bear lying on it's side with a really big, raw b*tth*le.

Or is it just me?


6:49 PM

Blogger Brittany said...

I think the top half is supposed to be a mountain range and then the line straight through the middle is supposed to be a lake or some kind of water, and then the mountain range is reflected in "the water" which is why it's the same design upside down.

It's ugly, though.

9:32 PM


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