Saturday, August 02, 2008

Here a few shots from the aftermath of the fire. It looks bad, and it was, but the fire was limited to the cannery and did not reach the store, worker bunkhouse, cafeteria or an entire other plant building where, as I mentioned, my samples were kept and the main office was housed.  However, pretty much all production at the plant was halted. A floating processor was brought in to receive fish from the tenders still working in the area, and lots of workers were sent home.  I was always planning to leave at the end of July, so my schedule barely changed, but of course it wasn't the way I wanted to end my season.  I hope they will rebuild and will be up and running at full speed next summer.  Notice the huge pile of cooked salmon on the bottom left of the interior picture.  The fish is covered in ammonia, as a tank nearby had exploded.  Local dogs have been coming around for fish treats, and I've heard at least one dog has been throwing up, so hopefully they will get that cleaned up soon.  It's just a huge mess to clean up!


Blogger Beq said...

Laura, I have only now really read all your blog and I am in utter awe.

It is absolutely spectacular, inspiring, cute, funny, gorgeous... I can only say I am very sorry I have never met you in any of the trips I have visited your family.

I hope one day we can meet and you can tell me all about... everything!

9:27 PM

Blogger Beq said...

I was going to answer your comment under my comment under your comment and realized this is silly.

My email is bequibar at hotmail dot com.

9:29 PM

Blogger laura said...

Wow, thanks, I discovered your blog through Babi's, and I was instantly hooked! Okay, I will email you!

9:44 PM

Blogger Isle Dance said...

I really hope everything cleans up and goes better soon, too. Look forward to hearing more.

10:37 PM

Anonymous jason said...

is there any way you know the people that have those Palin - Hype posters? the ripoff of the obama - hope posters in the cartoon/off color style? i'd love to get a digital copy of that. please email me at

2:32 PM


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