Friday, September 19, 2008

just another day in Wasilla

For Outsiders, here is a quick snapshot of life in Wasilla.  I originally posted this in March 2007, with the heading, "Only in the Valley."
I missed the onramp for the freeway in Wasilla yesterday so I drove into a driveway to turn around.  I was surprised to see this pig running down the driveway towards my truck!  Then it got behind my truck so I couldn't back up.  I drove down the rest of the driveway to turn around without hitting the pig and a woman came out of the house to see what was going on.  I inquired about the pig and she said it lived down the street and sometimes came over to visit.  I started out of the driveway and saw the pig foraging on the side of the road.  I continued on my way, but waved to two cars coming towards the pig and when they unrolled their windows, I told them, "Careful, there's a pig running down the road."  They didn't seem to think that was strange at all.  As I was getting back onto the freeway, I could still see the street below.  I saw a truck with a dog standing in the open back, and a kid running behind, "herding" the pig back into its driveway.  I couldn't get a clear shot but briefly saw the pig reunited with its piglets back home!  I'm thinking of going back for a visit to see those piglets again.  I figure the people must be nice, if they were willing to herd their pig home...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...look closely at the first photo. I once new a girl who wore the same color lipstick. I think it's called "Deep Passion Purple."

3:37 AM

Blogger ~~ chris said...

You know who's driveway that was, right?


Was one of the piglets pregnant?

6:42 PM

Blogger laura said...

Anon: OH! I get it now! You too, Chris! I'm a little slow to get a joke...

6:17 PM

Blogger julie g. said...

I'm so glad you reposted that one!

10:18 AM

Blogger laura said...

I never even made the pig connection!

11:35 AM

Blogger laura said...

That's the one that got landed me in the Anchorage Daily news last year!!

11:36 AM


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