Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I found this beautiful fluff ball running down the road while I was driving home last night. I pulled over and called to her, and she wagged her tail and ran right over and jumped into my car. The phone number on her tag was out of service so I brought her home and fed her some turkey bacon and she drank lots of water. There was an email address on her tag, too, so we loaded back into the car and drove to the wireless place where I sent the owner an email while she dozed in the back seat. By the time I closed my computer, the owner had called back and was extremely grateful to get Ouzel back. Of course, I was sad to see Ouzel go! The owner thinks she's part Irish Wolfhound and part Chesapeake Bay Retriever...what a brilliant combo!! The profile shot is not great but it demonstrates the full fluffiness factor.


Anonymous Susan said...

There is no doubt as to why I think your the best puppy sitter in the world, you have such a kind heart and take excellant care of any critter that finds their way to you.

9:42 AM

Blogger akfnp said...

i have a cat named ouzel. she is a valley resident, transplanted from colorado where american dippers are pleantiful. how strange, ive never heard that name for an animal before. as alays, enjoy your pics and blog. hope you are enjoying time with family.

1:30 PM

Blogger laura said...

Thanks, Susan! I sort of wish I could have kept her! AKfnp, this was my first Ouzel, interesting that you have one, too! Thanks, I'm loving your blog, too! We had a great time and I will post pics soon!

9:07 PM


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