Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've wanted to visit Kennicott since the first time I saw a postcard picture of the mill when I first came out here. It's an old copper mining town that ceased operation in 1936. The mines have been bulldozed in but the mill remains and as you can see it's quite an architectural masterpiece. Kennicott is located in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and getting to it and the neighboring town of McCarthy is an adventure in itself--it's not far but the last 63 miles is on a gravel road and the town itself is not accessible by car. You have to park and cross two footbridges to get there. That's probably just the way the locals like it, even though it's probably a bit inconvenient to have to park in a parking lot outside of town and walk in. I bet if Bolinas could find a way to be accessible only by footbridge, they'd do it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the idea of a beautiful building servicing a rough, tough industry in a rather remote spot.
In amongst the hard-ass world of mining is this magical structure that they all could have lived without as they did their job....but instead they (the workers) looked at (and maybe were inspired by (??)) every day.

7:24 AM

Anonymous Angie M. said...

Love the pictures with the fall colors. Sounds like you had a great time!

2:05 PM

Blogger laura said...

Yeah, it is definitely not what you expect to see in the midst of that scenery. Thanks, Angie, for the inspiration to finally do this trip!

8:51 PM

Blogger laura said...

And I hope you're feeling better!

8:53 PM


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