Monday, June 18, 2007

I was only in Chignik, a small village at the beginning of the Aleutian Island chain, for a short time to drop off a fellow Fish and Game employee from the ferry, but I came across this typical Alaskan scene. You've got many Alaskan elements in play here. The man on the left is wearing Helly Hanson waterproof bib overalls, a must in the Aleutians. The man on the right is wearing his XTra Tuff boots, which no self-respecting Alaskan would be without. Of course there's the four-wheeler, which everyone seems to have a least one of, and then there's the town dogs hanging out where the action is.


Anonymous julie g. said...

It's kind of like a cold weather version of Bolinas.

9:53 PM

Blogger laura g. said...

Yes too bad I won't be in town for their 4th of July Parade.

12:53 PM


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