Monday, June 04, 2007

We made it through the ferry ride, which was actually smooth sailing. Lots of interesting people on the ferry (tourists, fishermen, etc.) as it goes all the way to Dutch Harbor/Unalaska. I even met a women who is starting a TV station in Dutch Harbor. We have been in Sand Point for the past few days, dropping off the Wildlife Tech that will work here and getting organized. Sand Point is a village with a population of around 900. It's absolutely gorgeous, surrounded by snow capped mountains. The entire island is only 7 miles long and 3 miles wide. Almost everyone in town is involved in the fishing industry. We've taken some great hikes and gotten to know the Fish and Game folks here. Today we are taking our first plane trip to King Cove in a little four-seater Cessna. King Cove is much smaller but I hear another nice village with a population of about 250. I'm sure I'll get some good pics, there's three volcanos on the way and I'm sure tons of islands. It was foggy and drizzling since Kodiak but the sun is shining today and the sky is clear and blue, what a nice change! I don't think I will have internet access in King Cove and will be there for at least two weeks, so please check back in a few weeks! Sorry no pics, I'm taking good ones, though and will hopefully be able to post at some point!


Blogger Isle Dance said...

YAY! AK ferry rides are the best...can't wait to see photos! :)

2:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

....pretty cool adventure. you are a wandering observer of the world and you share it in this unique way.
thank you!

7:35 AM

Blogger SusanE said...

looking forward to the photos.

10:17 AM


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