Thursday, June 11, 2009

Did anyone catch Sarah Palin's "shout out to the troops" last night on the Colbert Report?  It was just one of the many varied projects I was tagged to work on here in Anchorage.  She was very willing and accommodating, although I am 99.9% sure she had no idea what the Colbert Report was.  Here's me with our sound and camera guy (looking very Alaskan with full beard) and camera guy again with the familiar Palin crab and bear skin couch.  We were in and out within 25 minutes, as requested by her press secretary, so I don't have any compelling Sarah Stories, but at least I have the pics to prove I was there!


Blogger Isle Dance said...

Confession: I don't know what the Colbert Report is, either. I'm guessing it has something to do with TV. :o)

11:00 PM

Blogger laura said...

Yes, it's a TV show, and the host went to Iraq for the entire week to do VSO shows in Bagdad. Nice to hear from you! I think it's great you don't know it, means you're not watching too much TV, right?! :)

11:11 PM

Blogger Isle Dance said...

Nice to hear from you, too!

Now I have to go look up VSO shows...hang on.

Well, I didn't quite get an answer, but the results have me thinking: A video show? A computer show? A YouTube show?

Yes, my TV went bye-bye a few years ago. I missed it so. Until a few months ago, when I realized I didn't miss it that much anymore.

But once my cabin is complete (2-3 months away), we shall see if I want my TV back or not. (It's wired for cable, so I suppose I'll hook it up and try it out again...but oh my, I don't like what I hear is happening on there. :o)

11:42 PM

Blogger laura said...

OOPS! I meant to type a "U", not a V! The entertainment for the it probably makes more sense, right?

11:51 PM

Blogger Isle Dance said... Bob Hope used to do! Gotcha. I definitely remember those...from back in the olden days...haha!

12:15 AM


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