Monday, May 18, 2009

burger bus

I recently returned from Fairbanks, and this drive through restaurant is on the route, near Willow, a few hours north of Anchorage. This is a pretty common sight around these parts, although I admit this one is a bit more special than some of the others.  I think Alaskans don't necessarily want to get out of their cars to get a coffee or a little sustenance (especially during the long winter months), and since there are so many "huts" and drive-throughs, owners try to make them visually enticing.  This is definitely one of my favorites.  I'll be working a production job for a while so probably posting will be sparse, but I will make an effort to post some summery stuff! 


Blogger Jean Mathes said...

Holy Crap! Living in Willow I drive right by that place all the time. So much so that it just seems normal. Since starting my own blog I'm trying to put myself into the eyes of a lower 48'r and realize there are a lot of things here that are just plain weird. That drive thru is one of them! Don't be surprised if you see me write a post about it one of these days :)

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