Sunday, December 23, 2007

Here is a small taste of New Zealand cuteness from a sheep farm we visited yesterday in Queenstown! There is not much opportunity to blog, so I will continue when I return in early January. Suffice to say, the scenery is stunning and the people are super friendly! And as you can see, the baby animals are precious! Oh, and it's summer!


Blogger SusanE said...

No snow for Christmas for you. Have a Merry Christmas anyway. (I'm in Arizona right now. No snow for me either... (it's a queer Christmas without snow. I keep expecting the weather to turn.)

9:29 AM

Blogger Isle Dance said...

I think I'm ((jealous)) - but how wonderful for you. :o) Enjoy!

3:03 PM

Blogger laura said...

S-Hope you're enjoying Arizona! ID: Thanks, it was great fun!

1:14 PM


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