Monday, November 12, 2007

How do you choose just one or two when you're talking about sled dog puppy pics? These are two week old pups, owned by the neighbor of a petsit in Fairbanks. The momma looks a little overwhelmed, but she's doing a great job. She really reminds me of Blue Dog.


Blogger FinnyKnits said...

Wow - good call. That is totally Blue Dog!

Meanwhile, yes, those pups are just the sweetest soon-to-be-sledding dogs a person could hope to see.

3:56 PM

Blogger Isle Dance said...

I am in love with those babies. What a sweet momma. Glad you posted multiple shots!

9:02 PM

Blogger laura said...

You really can't ever go wrong with puppy pics!

1:31 PM


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