Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I actually do work--but here's more pics of what I do when I have time off. This hot springs is a 30 minute skiff ride from where we live. There are a few large pools and a long meandering hot spring creek. It is the site of an old Native village and many artifacts have been found, including implements made from shells and even a mask. There are midden piles everywhere, which are basically piles of garbage left over--shells and bones mostly. The cabin hasn't been occupied in years, but makes a great changing room. It's amazing to me how large an area the hot springs covers. I took a hike last time I was there and could see the steam at a good distance. At the end is a pool of boiling water.


Blogger Ni Yachen said...

Really neat. I have yet to go a hot springs here in Alaska.

3:41 PM

Anonymous Anne-lise said...

Hello Laura

I'm Anne-lise from Babouche
I'm discovering your blog : brilliant !
all pictures are beautiful.
It would be possible that you send me your pictures from Babouche ? Which are very succeeded and interesting.
See you

12:08 PM

Anonymous Anne-lise said...

You can contact me on tour web site :

12:09 PM

Blogger laura g. said...

Anne-lise! I am glad you found me! I will email you next week via your site when I am back in Anchorage, okay? Like next weekend! Good to hear from you and glad you like the pics.
Ni, hot springs are great whereever but definitely something magical about AK ones! I've only been to this one and Chena, both great!

12:27 AM


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