Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's -22F now at noon in Wasilla. My truck did not want to start this morning and required 25 minutes to warm up. I got my engine block warming system put in last February when I had to leave my truck in Fairbanks for three weeks for the Yukon Quest. I whined at the time about the cost and the fact that I would never need it again. But I'm actually going to plug my truck in tonight! I've got to find an extension cord. I'm not complaining...it's Alaska, after all! Here is a pic of me on the "highway" between Nome and White Mountain. Another surreal icy landscape.


Blogger SusanE said...

Can' believe that you could have lived without a block heater. I've had one for over 25 years. Most winters here in NW Ontario we have to use the blocker heaters probably 75% of the time.

Actually I switched to synthetic oil because I generator my own electricity and the block heater uses too much. With the sythetic oil I don't need to use the heater very often. Only temperatures of -30C or colder.

5:04 PM

Blogger laura g. said...

Well, the last two winters have been incredibly mild...although I admit, I have had to turn on my truck in the middle of the night once or twice before I got the heater to make sure it would start in the AM! Interesting about the synthetic oil, thanks!

7:59 PM


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