Monday, March 19, 2007

I saw this huge moose this morning in Anchorage foraging outside of some apartment buildings. This one is wearing a radio collar. Will I ever be not be awed by seeing a magnificent moose just doing its thing in a busy city? I don't think so. You can really see the steam coming from his nostrils in the bottom pic, it was a cold morning!


Blogger SusanE said...

Okay, THAT'S amazing. Beats the heck out of seeing deer walk through town.

7:42 PM

Blogger laura g. said...

Except for the person who has to get into his car practically right underneath this guy!

1:08 PM

Anonymous northofdenali said...

One nearly as big got between me and my truck here in Fairbanks - I was due to pick someone up at the airport. No dice.

These big guys have WAY more patience than I do!

1:48 PM


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