Thursday, December 28, 2006

snow piles

I really enjoy the piles and shapes that snow makes when it falls on different objects. Notice the top of the chair and the individual triangles. This is probably from being born and raised in LA and finding snow in general so exotic! Sorry if I'm boring everyone else!!


Blogger SusanE said...

I'm so envious, I've broke my brake twice getting my sled out to the snow back lake trails. The trails to the lake are barely covered.

3:09 PM

Blogger SusanE said...

I just read you comment on the last post.... it's worse than it seems. I don't live in the Yukon either, that's just where we met. I live in NW Ontario... 2 hours east of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Normally we have tons of snow, this year it's really warm and almost no snow. At least we got enough to pack trails on the lake.

3:11 PM

Blogger laura g. said...

Well, you still have time! I bet you'll get a ton of snow one of these days! I hope for yours (and the dogs') sake!! And thanks for setting me straight!~

8:21 PM

Blogger Donna said...

You're not boring me! I'm fascinated with the snow as well. Keep the pictures coming :)

11:57 PM

Blogger laura g. said...

Thanks, Donna! I'm loving your snow pics, as well!

2:40 PM


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