Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sobe in Deadhorse

This is the same bear that came into our field camp. This picture was taken a month earlier when we saw her wandering around the town of Deadhorse trying to break into dumpsters.
Note her ear tag and collar, definitely the same girl! We found out later that a bear biologist from Fairbanks had hazed Sobe out of the town of Deadhorse using a bear dog and rubber bullets. He did not know we had set up a camp out on the Sag River Delta and he hazed her right to us!


Anonymous Zoe from Canada said...

Wow! Hi Laura!!
Are you scared to see these bears so close up?
Do they have Kermode bears there? (the white grizzlies?)

4:38 PM

Blogger laura g. said...

As far as I know that area only has Polar Bears and Grizzlies--and luckily we did not run into any Polar Bears! Yes, we were scared when we were at camp, but the three of us banded together and tried to act intimidating!

5:27 PM


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